Dr. Diez, Clinical Psychologist, Columbus Circle, New York City


A native Spanish speaker, Dr. Diez is a fully proficient bilingual speaker with tertiary (graduate and post-graduate) education in Spanish and English, and has extensive experience in written and oral presentations in both languages. Dr. Diez trained on the theory and practice of English-Spanish translation at New York University, and was subsequently granted a certification of membership from The American Translators Association.

Dr. Diez practices clinical psychology with equal proficiency in both languages. She is one of the few bilingual Spanish speaking clinical psychologists in the United States who is adequately equipped to administer psychological testing in Spanish, a task typically delegated by non-bilingual examiners to "psychometric technicians", trainees who oftentimes lack doctoral training or the linguistic and cultural acumen needed to properly (and ethically) administer testing in a second language.

Dr Diez has been practicing psychotherapy in both languages for several years. In New York she has attracted clients with diverse linguistic backgrounds (i.e., French, Italian, Hebrew) and from heterogeneous cultural and social extractions. 
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