Dr. Diez, Clinical Psychologist, Columbus Circle, New York City


Dr. Diez is a supervising psychologist and Assistant professor of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine in New York City. In her private practice she conducts psychologicval evaluations, psychotherapy and coaching for individuals, couples and organizations.

Psychotherapy: Dr Diez offers brief consultations as well as short, mid or long-term psychotherapy to individuals and couples. Problems typically targeted are depression, anxiety, stress, interpersonal problems (at work or with intimate partners), trauma and losses. Her psychotherapeutic style is integrative, which means that at any particular time during the process of therapy she may incorporate strategies from diverse lines of work, as they best fit the problems presented (learn more about integrative psychotherapy style). Meetings occur in a conversational and cordial, yet work-focused atmosphere.

Psychological Evaluations
: As a psychodiagnostician and examiner, Dr. Diez conducts interviewing, and evidence-based testingt for clinical, educational, personnel or legal purposes. She is qualified to conduct comprehensive cognitive, personality and forensic assessments in English and Spanish.

Supervision and Consultation: Dr Diez is a supervising psychologist in private practice and Faculty member at Mount Sinai's School of Medicine. She also provides supervision and consultating services to psychologists, social workers, executives and other professionals in personality assessment, psychotherapy, group dynamics and facilitation.

Prior to joining St. Luke's Hospital, Dr. Diez was the Clinical Director at the EAC/TASC Mental Health Program, an independent criminal justice organization, where she consulted for the Queens' Supreme Court and the Queens' Mental Health Court. She performed forensic evaluations and risk assessment of defendants and offenders who qualified for alternative legal dispositions involving mental health treatment . She also consulted with defense lawyers, District Attorney's office and judges regarding risk assessment and management of mentally ill individuals with a history of violence; made recommendations for treatment and conducted crisis interventions. She supervised a team of professionals working with those defendants.

Dr. Diez worked with forensic populations in private settings (conducting psychotherapy for probationers and parolees, and co-conducting forensic evaluations of defendants) and public settings (Bronx Psychiatric Center in New York City and E. V. Abal Psychiatric Hospital, Argentina) for over four years.

For consultations call (212)744-8073, or send an e-mail to info@drclaudiadiez.com.

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