Choice and Decision Making

Decision making is a complex process involving cognitive, affective and behavioral resources. Individuals vary in their competence  and style of decision making. Decision making always involve choice, even though the individual may not always be aware of the choices underlying certain decisions and actions. 

Difficulties with decision making can be manifested in several fashions. For some, making choices is an excruciating process that they'd rather avoid, leading to the experience of paralysis. For some others, choice and action precede deliberation and planning, often impulsive  and devoid of contemplation of consequences, followed by high costs and  remorse. 

Decision fatigue, impulsive decision making, difficulties establishing possible scenarios before making choices can be explored and improved upon. 

In her practice, Dr. Claudia Diez focuses in the area of choice and decision-making, as a means to improve the quality of life and work of clients facing important future decisions (career or personal), or helping individuals with problematic  decision-making patterns create new habits to curve the impulsivity or fallible judgment.

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