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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Dr. Diez unique or stand out?

In two words: Expertise and sensibility
Expertise: Dr. Diez is a board certified licensed psychologist; the most coveted credential in the field, very few psychologists  hold this  accreditation in New York City. She has 20 plus years of practice in private and institutional settings and years of supervising and training as a Faculty member at Mt. Sinai's Icahn School of Medicine and  Columbia University. She obtained post-doctoral education from Harvard University (PON), New York University and The William Alanson White Institute (couples therapy certification.) Her clinical formation spans more than two decades of cross-cultural training and practice obtained in New York City and abroad. Read more about it here    (link opens new page to )
Sensibility: First and foremost, Dr. Diez focuses on making clients feel comfortable and welcome and in solving the problems that bring them to her practice.  She has a professional yet  informal, non-hierarchical approach, preferring interactive and forthcoming engagement with clients, favoring collaboration, frankness  safety and depth in the interactions.  To  see what clients think about Dr Diez you can access clients’ reviews here    ( Link to  )


What services do you offer? Dr Diez offers individual psychotherapy, couples therapy and executive coaching. Clients consult often to get help with stress, relationship conflicts, (dating, couple conflicts), anxiety, depression, impulse control (binging, substances, anger), excessive guilt, losses, trauma, difficulties with identity and self-esteem,  career or  life transitions, changes and decision-making, work-performance, and many other sources of distress.


How long have you been practicing? Dr. Diez has more than two  decades of practice in New York City and abroad. She has practiced, trained and supervised in private and hospital settings. She is part of the Clinical Faculty at Mount Sinai Medical Center, and a former Faculty member at Columbia University School of Medicine. Read more about her experience here    (link opens new page to )


How long is each session? The initial session is 50 to 55 minutes; subsequent sessions are typically 45-50 minutes.  


How frequent are the sessions, and how long is the treatment? The frequency and length of the consultations depend on the clients’ needs and their complexity.  In general, early in the process Dr Diez may meet with the client twice a week, with the average being once per week. Over time the sessions may take place biweekly or monthly. Some clients see their psychologist for just a few sessions, while others may seek  a longer, in depth course of treatment.


Do you accept my insurance? Dr. Diez is an “Out of Network” provider. If your insurance is a PPO plan (which means it offers out of network coverage), it may reimburse you for Dr. Diez’s service. Our office will bill your insurance directly to facilitate reimbursement. We can help you determine if your plan cover this service if you provide us with your insurance information and DOB. 

Most PPO plans by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Empire, Beacon, Cigna and UHC cover good part of the cost. 

Dr Diez DOES NOT work with Medicaid or Medicare plans.

Do you offer remote sessions? Yes, remote sessions are available via video or phone sessions (Face Time, Doxy, WhatsApp)


Can Dr. Diez come  to my home or office or have remote sessions?  Yes, Dr. Diez can meet with you anywhere that offers privacy and allows for a therapeutic environment.  It can be my office, your home or office, or other site.  If the need arises we can also have a phone consultation rather than meeting in person.

Dr Diez’s visits to a client’s office are subject to a specific fee schedule. Please contact her directly for arrangements. 

What are your direct pay fees? This varies per service, ranging between $200 and $550 per session. Call us to inquire further. We will agree upon fees before we confirm your appointment.


Do you speak Spanish? Si, Hablamos Español fluido. 

Where is your office located? Midtown Manhattan across Carnegie Hall. 200 W 57th St, corner of 7th Ave. 


What are your office hours? Monday through Friday, between 10-8pm.  Her availability varies every week; reach us out to arrange a convenient time to meet Dr. Diez.

What does it mean to be Board Certified? The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)  is one of the country's most highly regarded professional associations.  The ABPP is a board of professionals whose goal is to evaluate a psychologist’s  competence to deliver high quality services. Board certification (awarding of a Diplomate) assures the public that specialists designated by the ABPP have successfully completed the educational, training, and experience requirements of the specialty, including an examination designed to assess the competencies required to provide quality services in that specialty.  Dr. Diez has been a diplomate board certified in clinical psychology since 2010. She is licensed in the state of New York (NYS 017761).

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
Psychologists and psychiatrists  provide mental health treatment. Psychologist doctors (PHD)  with intensive training and practice focused in humanities and mental health from a social ,  psychological and neuropsychological perspective. Psychiatrists instead are medical doctors (MDs), focused on biological aspects of mental health, with training and  license to prescribe psychotropic medications. Often times psychologists and psychiatrists collaborate in the care of those individuals who benefit from medication use. 


Is the information discussed with Dr. Diez confidential? 
Yes. The communication between Dr. Diez and her clients is strictly confidential and protected by HIPPA law.  Notwithstanding, there are two  exceptions to this confidentiality protection among mental health practitioners: psychologists have a "duty to warn" if a client plans to severely harm themselves or another person, and they are also mandated to report child abuse to the authorities. It is important to note that if you request insurance reimbursement for psychological services, name, date of birth, diagnostic code and service codes are communicated to the company in order to process payments and manage your account. Insurances are also subject to HIPPA  confidentiality protection laws, and they cannot disclose medical records to employers or family members unless ordered by a court for some extraordinary circumstance. Dr. Diez has never encountered such circumstances in her practice.   


Dr. Diez practices integrative psychotherapy. What is it? 

Psychotherapy integration is an approach to treatment that goes beyond any single theory or set of techniques. The most effective for a particular client at a particular client is what drives the therapist's intervention, which could range from psychodynamic, CBT cognitive-behavioral, emotion-focused, experiential, interpersonal, humanistic, existential, mindfulness, neuroscience based attachment theories, among others. Click here to read more about integrative psychotherapy.



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